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Piercing tool

Manufacture:         NSK Presto
Power source:          Compress air
Requirement:         3CFM (3 cubic feet per minute), equivalent to minimum of ¾ HP Air compressor
Setting:                  38PSI, speed 360,000 rpm

Available:                  Binh Pho
                           Phone: 630-728-5464
                           Craft Supplies USA
Price:                           $400

Cutting burs:         #699L for hard wood, #169L for softer wood
Texturing burs:         #1C and #2C, round carbide
Shank:                  1/16 diameter
Price:                           $2.50 each

Can use a dremmel for piercing flexi shaft best ( not as fast or as efficient)

Important note:

Hi-Torque 45K Micro drill/detailer kit
Suitable for carving, texturing, drilling and piercing on thin walled wood-turned items, and surface carving / texturing on wood-crafted items.

Available from :
              Email :


Hi-Torque 45K Micro drill/detailer kit Power unit specifications
Input voltage: 220 - 240v AC
Input power: 85VA
Control method: Pulse width modulation
External foot switch - Start / Stop function
Handpiece specifications
Rotation speed: 0 – 45,000 rpm (variable)
Quick release collet chuck - Standard 1/8” (3.175mm)
Optional reduction sleeve (1/8” to 3/32” / 3.175mm to 2.35mm) available at extra cost
Supplied with 2x 2.0mm carbide cutters
Other cutters widely available (e.g. Dremel, Proxxon, etc..
Available from :
              Email :

Saburrtooth carving burrs

Carving tool

Manufacture:         NSK - Z500
Power Source:      Electric, high torque micro motor
Requirement:         variable speed, 0-50,000 rpm
Available:              Binh Pho and Craft Supplies USA
Price:                    $1,150……….other cheaper models available


Burs:                   available in both 1/8” and 5/32”
                           Price range from $7- $20 Telephone 01633 400847 sells Pyrography machines and tips. Foredom carver, bristle discs, carbide burrs, diamond burrs, carving and piercing drills.


Manufacture:         Iwata Hi Line series, model HP-CH or Iwata Eclipse series, model gravity feed HP-CS
Requirement:         Very small amount of compress air, portable compressor or CO2 tank can be used
Setting:         25 PSI, to spray thicker paint, may need to increase to 30 PSI
Price:          Hi line series: $210, Eclipse series: $120

Colour:         Airbrush ready Transparent colour, preferred choice is Golden airbrush paint, set of 10 colours are available.
                    Createx opaque colours
  Interference colour for colouring burnt/ black ( thin with transparent extender)

Masking:         Low tack masking tape or Low tack Frisket

Available:          Binh Pho

                            GRAPHICS DIRECT.

All colours , help and advice from Graphics direct  ask for Chris mention my name, Tel 08448005721 or Chris’s direct   number is 01423359730


                           Blick art supplies ( USA only)


Other colours..........oil based pencils, sharpie markers, prisma colour markers


Transferring image.............photocopy or laser printer, cellulose thinners or
acetone or xylene pen.
Acetate for making stencils or tracing photographs
3D crystal color lacquer  ( for filling the piercing to give a stained glass effect)……………Pastel transparent colour set  0.35mm fine tip pen style applicators .     

available from and